Adventure Of Olaf


You kids have had the opportunity not only to watch the movie series with the Frozen characters, but also, you had the honor to play a lot of games with them, especially on our site goggy free. The two princesses, Anna and Elsa, must be really familiar to you, since you have played a lot of interesting games with them, however, there are other amazing characters worth to play with, such as these two, the cute little snowman Olaf, and his enemy, Marshmallow. You do know, if you have seen the movies, that Marshmallow is their enemy, and that he has tried to destroy everyone, so, in this gogy 2 game, he will be your enemy as well. Adventure of Olaf is a very fun skill game, in which you will have to help Olaf, on each level of the game, to cross the street without meeting with Marshmallow. You will have to open the gates, to let him pass, and in order for Olaf to wait until Marshmallow passes, you will need to close the gates. Let's see how long can you keep them not to meet. Good luck!

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Instruction to play:


You can also read the instructions that Adventure of Olaf are given in the game and follow them carefully!