Spongebob Doctor

Spongebob Doctor is  an online kids game that you can play here on gy games. Mr. SquarePants is in a big trouble! He has been very busy lately taking care of his ill snail and somehow forgot to take care of an important part of his body, so his ears have become a welcoming home for bacteria and other creatures that are the main cause of a severe pain! Patrick believes this special situation requires medical attention. Why don’t you ladies take a closer look to see if you can help SpongeBob out?

He stepped into a sea hedgehog and his foot is hurt. You must play as the doctor, again and take out the needles from the hedgehog. Clean the wounds, wash him, disinfect the foot, give him injections and whatever it takes for you to get him better. You had better hurry before the wounds start to infect. Finally you should use a magnifying glass to see microscopic bacteria that you should start removing and small wax spots that you have to clean. Have a great time!

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Instruction to play:


Play this game by using your left mouse.