Falling Asleep - Weird & Fun Game

Please say "Good Night" to this tired man! If you're seeking for a game to play to unwind and have fun, this one is for you. Simple yet quite addicting. Are you up for the task at hand? - HUGE number of enjoyable levels - Compulsive Playability: Simple to use If you're searching for a game to relax with, this is the one for you. A game that is the MOST SATISFYING, RELAXING, and WEIRDEST EVER.
The game is very interesting, it will forge your ability to concentrate, move quickly and be very attractive. Will you do well on that task? We will play together and have a lot of fun. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Doomsday shooter, Tiny Explorer.

Instruction to play:

Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play.