HillClimb Racer

Visit Gogy Games for completely free and unblocked games. HillClimb Racer will provide you with the ride of your life, so fasten your seatbelt, step on the pedal, and hang on tight! You will assume the character of Tom, a young ambitious uphill racer. He is about to go on a quest that will bring him to the most thrilling ride he has ever experienced.

From the hill to the mountain, the city to the urban, and even to the Moon, regardless of physical rules! Choose from a variety of diverse hill-climbing landscapes with different types of vehicles and varied obstacles. Earn bonuses for doing flip tricks Complete all of the stages while competing against a variety of enemies and earning money to improve the look, speed, acceleration, and jumps of your vehicle. 

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Instruction to play:

PC controls: Use the keyboard arrows to speed up or slow down or touch the game buttons.

Mobile and Tablet Controls: Tap the screen on the accelerate and brake buttons.