Castle Light

If you are looking for a certain arcade game with a wide range of settings for levels, Castle Light from gogy 2019 might be one of the latest options. Not only is this a clever arcade game with fun gameplay but it also has the simplest rule. All you have to do is to move from stages to stages while making sure that you can complete all the tasks which are required in order to pass.

The main character can move up and down the blocks in your control to serve the purpose of putting the candles back in their correct spots. It takes endurance and patience to light up all the spots and overcome as many levels as possible. The challenges start when you manage to reach higher levels with the torches being on the higher shelves. In order to reach them, it's crucial that you find a platform that can provide support for your double-jump.

Since the game is about choosing the right timing and movement to reach higher platforms, the most important movement for the players is the ability to move flexibly. Randomly scattered obstacles can also be found at Be ready for randomly pop-up monsters and strange creatures from any corner. Amazingly designed graphics with carefully drawn characters create a nice overall vibe for the game. There are plenty of other choices for challenges that you can tackle later such as Cs 1.6 Online and Shopping Cart Hero.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse and arrow keys to move the character.