Yumy.io game is nice addition to the popular games in Hole io style which is playable Games gogy online. Play like a black hole in the Yumy io 3D game and absorb everything on your way in the city. Increase your black hole and absorb other holes. Become the biggest hole in the city. Good 3D graphics, easy and simple control. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Win this game is different from these games, then there are three game modes. The first mode is standard. Ie play two minutes, who will earn more points during this time at go ge online. The second mode is a game without a time limit, well, the third mode is a competition with yourself, ie we try to beat our own record in two minutes. This mode of something is like training in studying the terrain.

Imagine controlling a black hole that allows you to eat everything that is smaller than you! You can find that in Yumy.io.  In the rest everything is the same – there is allotted time, rivals and the city. Go cause some destruction and become the biggest black hole in the arena! Collect buildings, props and roads into the black hole. Eat everything in city.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move