Road Racer

Race your sports car down the highway, avoiding all of the other cars. Shift between lanes, avoid the traffic and have fun in this simply driving game.

"Record your game play with Everyplay and share with your friends!"

Collect Smileys on the road to redeem the limited edition The Love Machine for FREE!

ROAD RACER is a very challenging game online gogy3! It not only test your endurance and reflexes, it also test your ability on how to strategically race in an obstacles filled environment at high speed without crashing.

- RACE at high speed on city streets filled with obstacles
- COLLECT coins, powerups, and gears
- JUMP or SWERVE to avoid obstacles 
- BUMP CARS & TRUCKS for coins and prizes with Bumper Car Powerup
- BUY cars to unlock Powerups 
- COLLECT gears for rewinds

Fluid and responsive controls that are easy to use:
•Tilt to steer just like a real car
•Swipe up to jump over obstacles
•Swipe down in mid-air for faster landing, perfect for tight spaces between barriers

Get amazing prizes when you bump cars and trucks with Bumper Car powerup! Coins, Gears, Consumable Powerups, and most importantly, HEARTS that allow you to replenish your health IN-GAME! See for yourself why “BUMPER CAR” is all the craze now!

•5 Upgradable Powerups and 4 Consumable Powerups for you to improve your score, distance and coin collection
•Race in 6 different vehicles, with more to come
•Receive bonus prizes and increase your score multipliers by completing missions
•Level up powerups to increase their duration
•Challenge your Game Center friends and race to the top on the Leaderboard
•Record your game play with Everyplay and share with your friends!

Extra bonus:
•Receive up to 50 coins and a chance to win a bonus gear when you post your score to Facebook and/or Twitter
•Receive 1000 coins when you like Road Racer on Facebook through the Coin & Gear Shop
•Receive 2 Gears when you follow Road Racer on Twitter through the Coin & Gear Shop

Catchy original music that makes you want to race faster and faster.
Colorful 3D models with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution.

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Instruction to play:

Game Modes:
One Way: the easiest mode of the game, in which all four traffic lanes are moving in one direction.
Two-way traffic: high complexity mode, in which two traffic lanes are moving in the direction of passing you and the other two in the opposite.