Death Chamber

Death Chamber is a fun avoid game that you can play here on gogy 2 player. Jump into the Death Chamber, where you may have to die to get out alive. In this cool, you control a little one-eyed character with 10 lives. Your mission is to get to the portal in every level full of deadly traps. Before he is executed,but your little monsters has been given one last chance for redemption and freedom. 


This might sound easy but the trials are extremely challenging and will test your skill and reactions. During each level, you must bypass a series of obstacles as spikes, saws, moving platforms and collect a black key to open the door to the next area of the level. You can sacrifice your character strategically to bypass certain objects or to create a bridge to reach otherwise impassable areas. 


Every time you die, you will respawn on the beginning of the stage, leaving a dead body behind, which you could use for your advantage if necessary. Have fun with Combat Strike 2 and Alien Hunter. Check out at Good luck!

Instruction to play:


The left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump, press twice to double jump