Guardians of Gold

A fantastic arcade game with a secondary theme is called Guardians of Gold. As the name implies, there is a guard patrolling the area as young people try to take the gold from under his watchful eye. The guard is in charge of the gold and has the duty to protect it from thieves. The gameplay is quite basic. Within 25 seconds, you must distribute the gold among your fellow minors and bury it in the ditch. To pass the gold, you only need to tap on the minor. You must do it while avoiding the guard's line of sight. The game will end if he captures you. So, make an effort to avoid being detected by the guard's radar!
The gameplay is simple, everything is done in a very realistic way. You will find it very relaxing while playing. Let's go through many levels and see how strong you are. Let's play together and feel great! Do you want to try other games, why not try some other games similar to Loop Master, Fish Story 2.

Instruction to play:

Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play.