Kogama Adopt Me

Kogama Adopt Me is an entertaining game for kids on GoGy Xyz, the leading web game. Entertaining game for children of all ages, complete the mission and win. The HTML5-based game is compatible with web browsers, playable on both smartphones and desktops. Adopt a pet and engage in some mini-games.

This game is easy to pick up and play and it suits all ages, even kids. Interesting gameplay, beautiful themes, and diverse levels, this game is sure to give you joy for hours. Leave the game when you are busy and the game will keep you going back to enjoy more and more. Besides this amazing game, some other cool choices are ready to welcome you such as Angry Finches Funny HTML5 Game and Slingshot Jetback.

Instruction to play:

W — Move forward. S — Move backward. A — Move left. D — Move right. Space — Jump. K — Respawn. Left Mouse Button — Shoot. Left Mouse + hold - Delete cubes (some) V — Drop the weapon. E — Use item. Q — Holster weapon. Esc or M — Menu/Quit.