Punch Bob

Punch Bob is a casual game play it on Gogy Xyz. Fight off your opponents in this entertaining physics-based platformer! In the blue corner, Punch Boooob weighs a startling 500 pounds. Perhaps he does not resemble a hero, perhaps he is a few pounds overweight, perhaps he is out of breath simply standing in his corner... But inside his massive frame beats the heart of a genuine fighter! And what is his weapon, you could inquire? Forget about bullets and triggers! Bob doesn't need firearms. He is the most powerful person on this...

Don't forget to share this great thing with your friends and invite your friends to join the gameplay to have the chance to become the best player ever. If you love these types of destruction games you can play some more games like Geometry Jump 2 at gogy.xyz. I Hope you always win!

Instruction to play:

Hold tap to aim your jump, fireball or bomb.