Color Drop

Color Drop is a puzzle game on Gogy Xyz in which the aim is to control the colored ball such that it passes over circles or over obstacles. The ball's color must be the same as the color of an obstacle's portion. The obstacles will rotate and move, and you must pass through them when their color matches the color of the ball.

To control the ball, quickly tap on the screen. Drop the ball at the proper time and attempt to avoid as many obstacles as possible. The game is difficult, but it is also entertaining and entertaining. Sometimes there will be circle and cross obstacles combined, or two or more identical obstacles that you must clear. Wait your turn by tapping on the screen.

Also, invite your friends to join the game so that they can bring themselves lessons from challenges. Why don't you experience yourself in a few other similar puzzle games like TriPeakz! at

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen to play this game.