Dora Baby Caring Slacking

Wow! Dora has a brother now, he is a cute baby. Today, mother is so busy that she doesn't have time to care for the little baby, so she ask Dora to help her to look after her brother. But, Dora wants to go out door to play with her friends, she wants to slacking and find some interesting things to do. Be careful not to be caught by mom!

The background of the game is in a room and your biggest mission is to help a girl find some ways to play. Especially, you should remember that her mother always wants you to focus on taking care of her brother with no other actions. So, she can only play some games while her mother is out of the room at gogy free online juegos.

Dora Baby Caring Slacking is an attractive story about a girl who must take care of her younger brother all day. She felt so boring and tired! Can you help her find some ways to entertain without her mother's discovery? Why don’t you try playing and having a relaxing moment?

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Instruction to play:

How to play? Play this game by using your left mouse.