Cannon Shooter

Platforms irritate you to the point that you want to demolish them, and in the Cannon Shooter game, we have a special cannon that blasts colorful balls particularly for this purpose. This is, in reality, a conduit from which balls fall in your direction and assault the platform below. It does, however, travel at a reasonable speed. Your mission is to cross the line before she gets the firearms.

At Gogy Xyz, you have a limited number of shots, and if the ball hits the spikes, you will lose a life, which is shown by the number of red lines in the bottom right corner. Try to finish all of the levels; there are a lot of them.

Invite your friends to join right now to play the game so that you can test yourself with good reflexes and can relax with the ball. What do you think if you allow yourself to participate in some other similar adventure games like Tank Alliance at

Instruction to play:

Use mouse or touch the screen!