Tom And Angela Dinner Fun

Tom And Angela Dinner Fun is fun game that you can play here on gogy play now. This is probably a game more appropriate for you, girls, because only a girl could actually understand how Angela is really feeling like, when her beloved husband forgot about this special day. Let's play Tom and Angela Dinner Fun, a great game for you, girls, in which you will have to help her spoil Tom's food, by putting too much salt and pepper in it. 

Angela wanted to have dinner tonight in a nice restaurant with Tom. He refused her and preferred to have dinner at home. Angela is a bit upset with Tom and she decided to teach him a lesson and spoil his food. Help Angela mess up Tom s food and make sure she does not get caught. Have fun!

In this game at www gogy girls com, your mission is to help our princess clean up her room as quickly as possible because her boyfriend is waiting for her. When the room is clean she can dress up and go. Enjoy!

Hi girls. Welcome to another beautiful girl game with a cute princess. She has a romantic meeting tonight with her boyfriend but there is a little problem and she can't leave the house until she resolve it. Her room is messed up and her mom doesn't allow her to get out before she cleans up the room. Take a look and you'll notice that everything is throw around the room, clothes, cosmetics, flowers and more other objects. 

Have fun with

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Instruction to play:


Use your left mouse to control your characters.