Mouse And Cheese

Mouse And Cheese is a fun puzzle game on gogy free games. Your objective is to clear the path so that the mouse can easily climb over and get to the cheese on its own. There are 40 challenging levels for you to solve for this cute little mouse. Little rat is hungry, but the cheese is so far. And there are lots of scary obstacles on the road. How can it pass through those obstacles to eat delicious cheese? 

Help it, you are clever that nothing can stop you. Moving boxes or jars to cover the traps that can make the road safe to pass through. Learn to use the preps to clear obstacles. Use your brain to complete missions. ust about everything else can be moved but be careful and some things are fragile. There are wooden blocks, beakers, and other items that are standing in the way of that piece of cheese. 

Not only is it a reflex game that has lovely graphics but you can also look forward to adorable characters and addictive gaming features. Kids can't stop playing this game thanks to the simple yet hard-to-master gameplay from 2048 Physics and Ball Fill! Let's find out what is your best record with this type of arcade game!


Instruction to play: