Drac & Franc

Have a great fun with this action game in Gogy games online! In the game "Drac & Franc: Dungeon Adventure" you can join Dracula and Frankenstein and help them on their hard journey. The characters are very different from each other, but they get along well as a group and go on many adventures together. And they will only be able to deal with them if they use each of their skills carefully.

Each character has special skills that go well with the others. For example, Frankenstein can jump on Dracula's head to reach high platforms. They also have to find special items, which are needed to get out of the labyrinth. Every time you play the level, it gets harder, so you'll need to be smart and precise with your moves. You can invite friends to join or play with other online game players around the world. Some of the same games we introduced to players such as Delora Scary Escape - Mysteries Adventure. Choose your favorite game today.

Instruction to play:

The arrow keys are used by one person to control Frankenstein, while the A, W, and D keys on the keyboard are used to control Dracula.