Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin Rubber Multiplayer is a racing game play it on Gogy free games. In this long-awaited multiplayer vehicle combat arena game, dominate your opponents. Utilize your driving and shooting abilities to pursue and incapacitate foes. Numerous incredible vehicles to unlock and explosive weaponry to experiment with. Includes a brand-new U-turn maneuver to surprise your foes!

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Instruction to play:

(W)(A)(S)(D) / (Arrowkeys) : Drive (Space) : Nitro (Shift) : Drift Double-Tap (Shift): U-Turn (Z) / (LMB) : Fire Primary (X) / (RMB) : Fire Secondary (F) / (MMB) : Use Special Weapon (C) : Look Behind (1) - (0): Dialog Hotkeys Hold (`) : Show Dialog Wheel (V) : HUD Toggle (ESC) / (P) : Pause For gamepad controls see ingame helpscreen!