Jungle Jewels Connect

Jungle Jewels Connect is a free gogy online game for boys. A highly entertaining and addictive hypercasual game. By matching all pairs of fresh jungle fruit tiles (via tapping), the board is cleared. Complete as many levels as possible to earn high scores and climb the global rankings. Utilize each indication judiciously, as it will disclose a pair of tropical delicacies. Aware of the timer, do not allow it to expire before emptying the board. Upon running out of moves, the board will be mechanically reshuffled if there are any remaining Shuffle items; otherwise, the game will end. Observe the remaining shuffled items. ENJOY! Share with other players if you find this game interesting. We also update a lot of similar games for players like Block Puzzle Jewel. You can choose all to play now.

Key Features:

- 3 difficulties (corresponding to the board sizes): Easy, Medium, Hard - Showing hints option

- Shuffle option

- Global leaderboard

- Supporting 15 languages: English (US), Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic.

Instruction to play:

Tap on each pair of fresh jungle fruit tiles which can be connected by maximum 3 line segments (without touching the other tiles). Use hints wisely and keep an eye on the Shuffle items left as well as the timer.