Block Puzzle Jewel

Visit gogy games online for completely free and unblocked games. This is an entertaining and straightforward gem puzzle game that mixes Sudoku and Tetris. The game is easy to manage, but more importantly, you will fall in love with it the moment you play it. A challenging block-filling game featuring brain teasers may sharpen your intellect and enhance your ability to think logically, while relieving you of life's stress and making you joyful. We help you play the game and enjoy the new world of puzzle games similar to this special game like Microsoft Word Twister. Are you ready to join the new space of this game?

Key Features:

1. Look at the shape of the gems and figure out how to fit them into the 9x9 grid.

2. To make more room, try to get rid of several rows, columns, or squares at once.

3. Use the storage grid wisely and try not to force gems into squares where they don't belong.

4. The more you practice, the better you'll get!

Instruction to play:

1. Drag the gem squares into the 9x9 grid.

2. Fill up a row, a column or a grid to eliminate the gems.

3. Eliminate more than one row, column or 3x3 squares at a time,you can get more points.

4. When you encounter unsuitable gems, you can put them into the storage grid.

5. When there is no more space to fill the gems, the game is over.