Veggie Slicer

Veggie Slicer is a game of cutting vegetables which is playable gogy game. Become a master of slicing vegetables with Veggie Slicer by playing in 3 different modes. Your objective is to slice vegetables as fast as possible. Don't miss otherwise you will lose a life. Have fun and good luck!


In this additive game at gogy kids Games, slice the flying veggies as fast as you can and show off your ninja skills in the fun and additive game Veggie Slicer. Use the mouse to cut the vegetables as quickly as possible and don't miss them. Be careful of the bombs and avoid cutting them. Try to upload as many points as possible. This game has three modes of play to choose from.


I hope that you will experience many interesting things with this game. You can invite your friends to play together and compete to find out who is better. Many fun games are waiting for you at Check out Fruit Slice. Are you ready to start the game?

Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to slice