Tugs .io

Tugs.io is a multiplayer shooting game that you can play here on gogy io game. The goal is to be number one by eliminating other players.To get a new weapons you have to go to spawn zones. With better weapon, you will get an health boost. Your health regenerate slowly over time. Each won battle against another player restore some health.


You start at the bottom of the map and while you fight your way to the top, the odds of dropping great weapons increases. At the top, there are the best weapons you can find. Once this bar is full, you can then seek out one of the weapon circles on the map and enter it. 


Once you are inside you can trade your power bars for a new and improved weapon! Circles that require a greater amount of bars will provide devastating weapons. When entering a circle your health is also automatically restored. Be careful and collect your weapon quickly as other players can steal it! Use your weapons to eliminate the enemy players and try to dominate Tugs.io at gogy free online!


Please rate the game 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun and discover other related games like Survived.io at http://gogy.xyz/

Instruction to play:


Use the Arrows / WASD to move

The mouse to aim / shoot