Big Must Jump

Big Must Jump, a fun HTML5-based entertainment game on GoGy Games, the leading web game site. On the screen, two squares appear and begin to travel toward each other as they approach. To leap over the opposite square, you simply touch either side of the screen.. The game is compatible with smartphones and desktops, plays on any web browser, no downloads, no add-ons.

On the screen, two squares appear and travel near one another. A simple tap on either side of the screen is all that is required to leap over the other square. Nevertheless, only the large one can effectively leap over the tiny one. Decide quickly the side of the screen you want to press, and leap precisely so that you don't run into the other square. Taking into account how rapidly the squares will move as you go, this is not a simple game.

Join your friends right now in the game to test your reflexes in the best way. It will be more fun and some other interesting game genres like Jumpero at

Instruction to play:

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC.