Red Ball 2

Welcome to Red Ball 2 game at Gogy Free Games.This mini golf-inspired game is about the adventures of a red ball. Hundreds of entertaining, simple and challenging levels await you. Can you pass all tests? Simple but intricate gameplay will keep you engaged for a considerable amount of time. Compete with your peers and continue to advance. Unlock level after level. Every level in the game has the Red Ball. The only need is to kick the ball into the hole.

That's all ! However, there is one rule: in order to pass the level, you must have no more than five values. Just five ratings! In addition, you anticipate further difficulties on the path to success. This consists of moving platforms, blocks, chasms, sharp saws, and TNT. What do you think? But first and foremost, Red Ball is a very engaging and enjoyable game that mixes simplicity and compelling gameplay, immersed in severe level progression à la Bounce or Gravity Defied. Rapidly complete the level following the rise!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchscreen to control. To throw the ball, you need to pull the indicator like in the game Angry Birds, like a slingshot. You have 5 attempts to hit the ball into the hole. You can restart the level if you didn't succeed, to do this, use the refresh button in the upper right corner. Good luck!