Cute Pet Panda

This girl has a fluffy panda bear as a pet and she loves him so much! Can you help her take care of the little one? Start by washing him up with a sponge and soap and rinse him well in the bath tub to clean up his fur. Put some rubber toys in the tub with him so he doesn't get bored. After the bath time, he is hungry, so make sure to feed him. Give the panda some raspberries, a piece of cake, a fruit tart, watermelon and his favorite, bamboo branches. Wipe his mouth with a napkin afterwards. Then you have to decorate his room so he has somewhere very nice to stay. Choose big windows and lovely decorative plants, a colorful carpet and a round comfy chair and then dress up the little guy in an adorable outfit.

So come and try out this gogy game in which, as you can see, you get to take care of a very cute pet panda, she is just a baby and you have to pay attention to the instructions. 

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Have an incredible time!


Instruction to play: