Angela Real Dentist

Angela Real Dentist is an online Kids game that you can play here on gogy for kids Games. It is morning and Angela is ready to wash her teeth, but she can't even get close to her toothbrush because they start hurting really bad. It seems like she has a cavity. Put a suction pump into her mouth to suck the saliva while you are working. You will have to use different sizes of drills to remove the cavity, but stop once in a while and let her speak on the phone with Tom or check her tablet, so she can relax.

After the cavity has been removed, you have to fill up the space with a special paste that will get hard when it's dry. Angela feels a lot better now and her tooth is not hurting anymore. Let's take her to the dentist! Start washing them with tooth paste and a brush and rinse with water. Take a small mirror and check the cavity. Have an amazing time playing this gogy exciting game!

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Instruction to play:


You use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap to choose tools if you play on your tablet or smartphone.