Tora Boy Adventure

This tora boy was trapped in a magic world, this world is full of dangerous and monsters, you need to pass 10 levels to get back to your own world. Don't forget to collect coins and keys, they will be helpful to you. Good luck in Tora Boy Adventure!

You have 2 lives in each level. If you fall down or crash into monsters, you will lose your life. Use up 2 lives, then the game is over in juegos gogy online game. You can replay at once. There are many levels to complete. Your points and lives are always shown on the screen. Let’s begin the adventure right now!

Tora Boy Adventure is a one-player game for free. You will play the role of a little boy going around in a magic world. The journey seems so difficult and challenging. Your mission is to get all keys and cakes on the way. When you get a key or cake, we give you points: one point for one key and 10 points for one cake. The keys and cakes float in the air at gogy 1 player. Jump to take them. Sometimes you have to jump on blocks to collect them. Watch out! The flying bridges help you gain the keys and food. You can jump to avoid demons or jump on their head to kill them.

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Instruction to play:

How to play?

Control your character by using arrow keys on the computer.