Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Swarm Simulator: Evolution is a strategic evolution game which is playable unblock gogy games. You must create an almighty bug colony capable of world domination. The game brings the strategic incremental idle clicker gameplay of the wildly successful desktop game to mobile. You will start this game with a small gathering of bugs at your disposal, you will need to quickly evolve your army and add additional bugs to create an unstoppable force. 

In this game at juegos de gogy, you will find how an ant field working. Your task is to build a great strong anthill that will spread all over the world. These ants are dependent on meat. Produce enough meat, multiply larvae, enlarge your colony, have several thousand queens, and build more homes for this carnivorous killers. Control the whole world and become the only species on the planet. Can you do that? Or will your be colony weak and die? Enjoy this addictive game. Have fun.

To create a great army you will need to have good management skills and strategic planning. Choose the bugs that you wish to recruit and control the movements and actions that they will take. You will have many opportunities and options to upgrade your workers too. Have fun!

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Instruction to play:

Use left mouse button to play.