Don't Cut Yourself

Don't Cut Yourself is fun game that you can play here on gogy kids Games. Just do not try this at home! Quickly tap the knife on the table while avoiding your hands. You have three lives so be careful as you try to top the leaderboards. Try to hit the table with the knife as many times as you can without cutting your fingers. How many hits can you make? Find out right now! 

Warning! Extreme Entertainment Inc. presents their latest show: Cutting your hand is possible, but not advised. Do not try this at home! Our professional pirate is going to show us tricks with his knife. He can cut into the table inbetween his fingers so fast that you will lose your mind. Adrenaline is already flowing through the veins, do you feel that freezing atmosphere too? Do not breath, and focus on the moves, you do not want to get your fingers cut. 

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Instruction to play:


Click or tap to use knife