Doomsday shooter

Defend yourself from armies of evil creepers. There are 11 weapons to choose from. Demons must be driven from the pixel world. Avoid golems, ghosts, shooters, kamikazes, and deadly plants. Use an axe or bazooka to eliminate pixel foes. Use sniper or machine gun bursts to eliminate them. Get to the Prince of Darkness and punish everything that moves! Features include a wide armory of weaponry and a pixelated design. - Distinct enemies – engaging gaming – quick dynamics
Not only is it a reflex game that has lovely graphics but you can also look forward to adorable characters and addictive gaming features. Kids can't stop playing this game thanks to the simple yet hard-to-master gameplay from action games! Let's find out what is your best record with this type of arcade game!

Instruction to play:

Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play.