Whack My Car

Whack My Car is fun games that you can play here on go ge online. In this unique game, you can destroy any car with some tools on the screen such as a baseball bat, hammer, fire extinguisher, saw, gun or large iron block. With each tool, the level of destruction will be different, so you can try to use all these tools to create enormous destruction in the game.

Good to see you, I need your help. Do you see these luxury cars? They are mine, but I am already bored driving them, maybe I will get another one. So why not have a little fun with the old ones. Here are some tools you can "play" with. You know what? We are just standing next to my old BMW. Break it into pieces, squish and scrape it. I am sorry to say it, but hit it hard! The more you destroy it, the better. 

So we hope you are going to be curious enough to come and try out this Whack My Car new cars game in which your mission is to choose the car and then choose the tool you want to use to destroy it. Good luck!

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Instruction to play:


Use your left mouse to play this game.