Unicorn Simulator

Unicorn Simulator is a fascinating free online game at gogy games 2020. In this 3D simulator, you will take on the role of a unicorn running freely through a huge field full of wild animals to interact with. This bright and colourful platform game allows you to play levels in three different kingdoms – Spring, Frozen and Candy – each kingdom has a different theme and set of obstacles. 

Complete different kinds of tasks to earn coins and unlock new skins. You will have to fight other animals, form a large family and collect food for them.  Using your unicorn powers you can run and fly and dodge the many different obstacles – be careful as some of the objects can slow you down or even make you fall! Watch out for the mean dragon too – he breathes fire if you get too close! 

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Instruction to play:

WASD = move, Mouse = attack, Space = jump, Shift = run