Let’s Play Simulator

Let’s Play Simulator is an entertaining and challenging simulation game that you can play here on gogy play now. Make the right decisions and start earning money with this awesome job. Be smart, some games are trash or just too boring, what could cost you subscribers if you LP them. On the other hand, public can be unpredictable, so it gets really hard to know which direction to take on the entertaining business. 


Here at gogy kids games, you have created a YouTube review channel and you must build up your subscribers by completing game reviews. You receive messages from various news outlets and producers requesting that you review their new game. You must use your knowledge to decide if the email is genuine and if you should review the game or not!


Each email contains information such as the game developer, game title and genre. You must decide if it is real or not. The words used may be similar to a real company so you have to think hard and take your time to make a choice. As you review games your subscribers grow and you review cash too. You must reach 1 million subscribers to become the ultimate game reviewer. Don’t forget to filter out the spam emails!


Please rate the game 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun and discover other related games like Tube Clicker at http://gogy.xyz/

Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to play