Hover Skirt

Have a great game in gogy games free! You are a girl piling her skirt and lingering over the abyss while wearing this long, striped dress. Looks elegant! How exactly does she fly? Is she use voodoo magic or Mary Poppins? Maybe it's simply ballerina's dance pas and jumps? Only you decide! As you walk on the ground, which is more like a catwalk, your model picks up not only skirts and dresses, but also high heels, attractive clothing, and hair (or wig) - it's a struggle to race against the clock! Which path would you pick, that of an angel or a devil? Dress as either an angel or a demon to choose your fate in an everlasting fashion fight! Now try Hover Skirt. Choose your most fashionable outfit and go to the skies! You will win this exciting game and have the opportunity to participate in many other similar games updated in our game list like Count Masters Clash Pusher 3D. Be the best player today.

Instruction to play:

Move left and right, stack skirts, collect gems and keys. Collected skirts then will be spend while you fly. Use the mouse on PC or your finger on mobile.