Way of Hero

Way of Hero is a 3D first person shooting gogy game in which you have to try to survive after a big enemy attack. Keep your gun ready to shoot, and kill anything that might attack you. Complete different missions and try to escape by getting on the plane.

This is a very well made 3D game gogy online, in which you take up arms against enemy units around you. Find a way out of your situation! You have to get on a plane that will fly you to safety. However, the journey will be long and dangerous! Expect to enjoy tons of fun. 

You must survive after the big attack of the enemies. Grab a gun and kill all the enemies around. Find a way out and get to the plane, be sneaky and follow your missions.

Good luck at http://gogy.xyz/!


Instruction to play:


Move your character by using the W, A, S, D keys, and use the space bar to jump. If you encounter enemies, press on your left mouse to shoot down them. Besides, use the R key to reload and the P key to stop.