Slap & Run

Have a great game in gogy games unblocked! In this fascinating game, you are the best slapper in the city, and everyone must know! People are simply walking down the sidewalk, enjoying their day, and you can’t tolerate it! Put on your slapping gloves and prepare to wreak havoc on the town by slapping the living daylights out of everyone you see. Happy couples, tranquil bikers, and even patrolling officers, nothing is safe from your slap-happy frenzy! Of all, nobody appreciates being blindsided, so get ready for the chase of your lives. The more individuals you slap, the larger the throng that will attempt to pursue you. Continue collecting blows while avoiding obstacles and missiles that will slow you down. You don’t want to know what happens when the mob gets its paws on you...

You just swipe left and right to move your character, which is easy and fun. If you get close enough to a pedestrian, you can really smack them in the face. Games similar to this game are also shared in the game theme you have chosen such as Slice it All. Are you ready to start your game today?

Instruction to play:

Goal: hit as many people as you can and get away without getting caught.

- Win: The character reaches the end of the race without being slowed down by any obstacles or being caught.

- Loss: The character gets caught by other passengers or the police because he hit them, or he trips over something.