Slice it All

Slice it All is a free online game played on Gogy Games for boys. In this game, you must slice through obstacles! Tap to flick your knife and cut obstacles in your route in half. This is the most succulent approach to become a great slicer! Armed with a razor-sharp blade, nothing can stop you! Flip your knife at the appropriate moment to slice numerous obstacles, like pencils, pipes, and anvils. You must always maintain the knife in the air. And to do this, you must continuously tap and flip the knife. You may even deflect barriers with the knife's handle to get a better cutting opportunity!

If you contact the water, your run will be over! The same applies to ditches; avoid falling into them! These dark grey panels are checkpoints; attempt to hit them! A simple but tough game with an aesthetically pleasing and vibrant UI that provides players with a pleasant visual experience. Many available games welcome you on our site with different gameplay and experience. You should check out Space Conflict.

Instruction to play:

Tap to flip the knife and slice amazing obstacles on the way to reach to the end.

- Win: The knife reaches the scoreboard at the end.

- Loss : The knife cuts on an obstacle. Can you make it?