is survival crafting multiplayer browser game which is playable free gogy Games. What can you do there you ask? You are trying to survive as long as you can amongst other players who can kill you or use your resources. It's an io game, you don't have to register, just pick your name and run the game. You can see the score of top players on the top right of the screen.


In this games at gogy for school for kids, you have to do your best to survive whilst gathering resources from the land that surrounds you. You must fight the beasts off to continue your journey and making sure that your natural needs are satisfied. You have your stats to take care of, like hunger or cold. Cold is replenish when you stand next to campfire, Water is replenished when you are standing on a lake or drink water from water flasks. 


To build structures, you need materials or combination of materials that you can gather around the map, like wood, stone, mushrooms, meat, etc. Once you have enough items, the craftable objects will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen. Build the appropriate objects to fill the needs.


The game will be fun if you share it and play with friends. And if you love this game, play some other games like at to have more relaxing moments in life. 

Instruction to play:


Use the WASD/ Arrow keys to control the movement

Hold Space bar to attack

Left click to interact

E to open backpack

Shift to run