Foot Surgery

The patients are waiting for the foot doctor! There are some problems with their feet. Could you please give them Foot Surgery at gogi com and cure them all? This girl needs a foot surgery and she goes to the doctor, you help her recover and then make a cute manicure, choose a nice shoes and a tattoo.

There are 4 patients here:

✔ The first patient: Her foot was broken by fish tank. Please take her to the hospital and give her an emergency surgery.

✔ The second patient: His feet have severe beriberi. Please help him get rid of the smell, and then cure his beriberi.

✔ The third patient: Her foot was injured by the seashells on the beach. Please help her clean up the wound.

✔ The fourth patient: His foot was bitten by a dog. Please clean up the wound immediately and then give him a vaccination.

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Instruction to play:


This game is playable on the computer by using the mouse and on the touched-devices by tapping.