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Pikes.io is a fun and frantic game free gogy of multiplayer combat in which you must take to the arena and attempt to vanquish your enemies using your pike. You can choose a variety of different skins for your character such as a rainbow scheme or even a jedi! To grow in size and strength you must move around the map and collect the various colored squares that are scattered on the floor.

The more colored squares you collect, the longer and more deadly your pike becomes! To vanquish your enemies you must smash them with your pike. Use your mouse to rotate your character and swing your pike in a large arc. If you hit your enemy you will kill them! Be careful however to avoid your enemies pikes otherwise you could meet a sticky end. As your pike grows in length your offensive prowess will improve and you will find it easier to slay your enemies. Can you create the ultimate pike and dominate the jousting arena?

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Instruction to play:

  • Move your mouse to control the character's movement
  • Space bar or left click to boost speed