Office Kissing

Cute guy working right beside you has been checking you out since day one. Annoying boss is standing right in front of you the whole day watching your every move. Phone rings taking 100% of your boss’ attention.

It’s time for some adrenaline-rushing Office Kissing! Whenever your boss is looking away, just tap the screen to start the kissing. In this gogy xyz games, try to fill as many hearts as possible before your day is over. And, of course, don’t get caught, or you might get your secret little office boyfriend fired.

Love is in the air in the office! You fall in love with a beautiful colleague who sits next to you, and you two would like to kiss each other as much as possible. But the boss is an unforgiving person and will fire you immediately if he catches you kissing. So, just kiss each other while your boss is not watching! Fill as many hearts as possible and try to get 10 hearts to unlock a new girl. The workday ends at 5, so plan accordingly in Secret Office Kissing!

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Enjoy Office Kissing at!

Instruction to play:

Hold the left mouse button to kiss and fill the heart bar.