Panda Legend

Have a great game in gogy free games! Panda Legend is a casual puzzle games with easy-to-understand rules and innovative gameplay. Use your wits; comprehend the elimination strategy, enhance your characters, and assume command of the battle. The new challenge mode allows participants to experience the thrill of elimination, but without their awareness. We also suggest giving players new games that you have the opportunity to update in your free time similar to this game like Easter Hidden Eggs. You will discover the best things that every game brings.

Key Features:

1. Keep improving your characters and their gear so you can seize the moment in fight; 

2. Connect three of the same things in a straight line to get rid of them; 

3. Use tools to help you reach your goals; 

4. Get a detailed look at the whole situation and learn the elimination plan;

Instruction to play:

Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.