Exotic Princess Brain Doctor

Exotic Princess Brain Doctor is a new doctor game which you can play here on juegos similares de golgi. Moana has injured herself in one of her adventures. Now she needs a brain doctor to heal her. Can you do it? 

At gogy 4 unblocked, you start by using a stethoscope to check her heart beats. Take her blood pressure and her temperature to establish a basic health status. Cut her hair, shave it and inject her with an anesthetic. And then, when she is asleep cut her scalp down, wash her brain, blow dry it, kill the bacteria with a laser and remove all the other items gently with a pair of tweezers. 

Apply an antiseptic on a cotton ball. Disinfect the scars and apply a healing lotions on the cists. You use a magnifying glass to discover new viruses and repair the connections between her neurons. Apply bandages on the scars and then use a needle and thread to sew her up. 

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Instruction to play:


Treat the Exotic Princess with your left mouse on the computer.