Have fun with this exclusive new game Alchemy an entertaining game in Gogy Games Online. A third element is created when two components are combined. Experiment to find them all! About logic:

1. In various settings, each component can be regarded both literally and metaphorically. "Water," for example, may indicate both water and a fluidity attribute.

2. The game's magic component is quite powerful. The argument is based on the beliefs of medieval European alchemists (and supplemented by the authors).

3. A phoenix can be created, but a lawn mower cannot! High-tech goods, for the most part, cannot be made.

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Instruction to play:

Drag (mouse or finger) one on the other and release to see if the two items respond. In the event of a problem, you may always utilize the suggestion for advertising. You may also take any open item from the inventory by just clicking on it. The recipe book displays all open recipes (including bonus ones).