The Lock is known as one of the interesting games introduced by GoGy Xyz games to players around the world. You need to tap at the right time when the orange stack is on the yellow ball. The yellow ball will rotate on the circle. The ball will go to the left or right side of the circle. Tap the screen at the right time when the ball and slot match. If you miss a bit, the game is over. Try to score the highest score in each game.

Share with your friend tips on moving them at the right time. Make the best score at this game and have fun. The moment you properly position the slot with the orange circle, you can safely unlock it. Try to get the best score on the first move if you love our online gaming world. Many players have chosen to participate in this game in their spare time without being bothered by any factors.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to click on the screen and find the matching moment of the slot with the orange circle