Merge Block 2048

Merge Block 2048 is a free online game on Gogy games online for boys. A 3D version of the 2048 puzzle game with realistic mechanics. The objective of the game is to gather the infinity cube by combining identical cubes. Opportunities: - Drag and drop - Toss - Create combos - Collect points - Enjoy! Peculiarities: - Beautiful graphics - Realistic physical principles.

You will win this exciting game and have the opportunity to participate in many other similar games updated in our game list like Bubble Block Breaker. Be the best player today.

Key Features:

The infinite cube game 2048. You can move, drop, toss, and combine 3D cubes. Collect points. The game has beautiful graphics, realistic physics, combining cubes, and combos. Get the cube of infinity!

Instruction to play:

1. Press down on the cube you want and hold it there.

2. Move your finger or the cursor on the screen to move the cubes.

3. So, cubes with the same numbers need to be put together.

4. If at least one column is full and the counter is reset to zero, the game is over.

5. Your goal is to get the infinity cube, good luck!