Bubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD is a nice and relaxing puzzle game. Your challenge is to pop all bubbles shooting ones that match their colours. Match 3 or more to make them pop and try to cause chains of reaction. The bigger the chain, the more points you will earn. After some shots, new lines of bubbles will be added to the screen, so aim good and don't waste shots.

Bubble shooter is the newest bubble shooter addition at http://gogy.xyz. Now in full hd. This is a remake of the original classic bubble shooter hd game! Pop bubbles in groups of 3 to make them disappear. If you miss too much bubbles there will be a new line added. You win if you clear the whole field of hd bubbles. You loose when the bubbles hit the lowest row. When you clear all bubbles hd from one color, the color will be gone, this makes it a bit easier to remove all bubbles. Keep focusing on clearing color by color and you will win the game!

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Enjoy the smooth graphics and sounds of this gogy online game!

Instruction to play: