Tank Vs Tiles

Tank vs. Tiles is a never-ending shooting game that you can play here on gogy exciting games. You control a pixelated tank and must shot the approaching tiles – this might sound easy but you have to match the color of your tank and bullets to the color of the incoming tiles. How many tiles can you destroy?

Each tile has a number on it – this number represents the number of times that it must be shot with the corresponding color so pay attention to both the color and the number! If you hit a tile with the wrong color, the number of shots required to destroy it will increase by one.

Here at googy games online, to shoot pink bullets you must click on the left hand side of the tank, and to shoot blue bullets, you must click on the right hand side of the tank. A green tile will appear every so often. You can destroy this using any color. Once the green block has been destroyed you can then fire a green bullet that blasts every tile apart on the screen. 

Have fun with http://gogy.xyz/

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Instruction to play:


You can use the mouse to interact with the game.