Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat is a challenging puzzle game that you can play here on gogy games unblocked. Your mission in this game at gogy 3 is to make a circle around the cat so it can't get out. Basically just click the dots and create a circle to catch the kitty. Will you be able to bring missing cats safely? Do you have a good plan?

It’s a square shape are full of small circles. Every time you click on a circle, the cat takes one leap. Cat can leap in any direction, however it can not leap into a circle where you have already clicked. Therefore at goggy, you should click on circles in such a way that the cat is rounded with all clicked circles so that it is not able to move to the end of the square. If it moves to the end of the square, it will run away and user loses. 

It seems easy but when you start playing you will understand the challenge in holding the cat from running away. It is fun and entertaining but it is very much challenging as well. Jump into and explore other super games such as Matchstick Puzzles

Instruction to play:

You can use the mouse to create a perfect trap to catch a black cat in the game.