Jump Box Hero

Jump Box Hero is a fun jumping game that you can play here on gogy online games. With simple gameplay, simple content, and simple design but freaking hard to get a high score, how can you succeed. Your mission is to assist the box jump through each of the obstacles to try get a high score. Will you be able to score higher than 25 points?

Jump Box Hero is a really addicting game that keeps you playing for several times, and what you need to do at here is to help a box jump as high as possible. Of course, you will face a wide range of obstacles which are various moving platforms as the doors. You must pass through these doors safely before they close. These fences vary in speed and moving directions, therefore at gogyGames 2018, you must stay focused and act fast. Here, each fence you pass through successfully, you have 1 point. Notice: once you touch the fence, you have to start from the beginning. 

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Instruction to play:

Jump through all challenges by using the mouse on the computer.